Our Studio


Why & Wiser is a boutique toy designer and manufacturer that specializes in unique, hand-illustrated, educational games and gifts.  Our products are designed to embrace curiosity and neuro-diversity, and to encourage critical thought and exploration.

Why & Wiser's toys and fits are completely original designs, full of bright and colors and unique art created by up-and-coming artists and designers.  Often inspired by traditional game formats, we strive to combine traditional play styles, unique twists, and beautiful artwork to create new and refreshing play experiences.

We Hope You'll Grow with Us


Our goal is to produce thoughtful, intentional, quality products designed to invoke critical thought, humor, and open-mindedness.


Our customers are people looking for unique products focused on learning and laughing together, who appreciate the research and beauty with which our products are imbued.  

We are committed to putting in the time it takes to create product with care and intention, to producing quality products created to inspire families and children to play and learn together.