Designing Toys in the Desert

This year has been the beginning of a journey for Why & Wiser. Our goal, here in the dry heat of Tucson, AZ, is to create beautifully illustrated toys and games that bring joy, humor, and playful originality to children, families, and the young-at-heart. In looking around us, at this unique ecosystem and the striking flora that flourishes in the dry and dust, we found our inspiration.

We have been working all year on our first product... Prickly Pairs Card Game. A go-fish style card game filled with matching and collecting the most prickly cactus pairs. Can't find a match? Take a hike! We are so excited to bring this game to market this fall, and we are so close. The art has been patiently hand-painted, the content has been thoughtfully developed, and we are ready to get started printing.

We hope you'll support us on this journey, and become a part of something special. Please join us, and stay tuned as we launch over the next couple of months... we have an exciting lineup and we can't wait to share it all with you!

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